Saturday, 24 March 2007

Come to Abbey Road

It's all happening in my patch - a council by-election in Abbey Road Ward, City of Westminster. Yes, that Abbey Road. Okay there are millionaire's row houses with huge price tags and the Tory majority is a challenge, but that was true of Richmond too, and look what happened there. There is a Brent ward on one side of Abbey Road Ward and a Camden ward on the other. Both have Lib Dem councillors.
Our excellent prospective candidate, Mark Blackburn, hosted a funds-and-consciousness-raising film evening on 22nd March. I gave rubbish directions to my guest Simon Kewer (the cartoonist whose work appears on the inside back cover of Lib Dem News). Fortunately he ignored them and got there anyway. The film was "An Inconvenient Truth" - I needed a stiff drink afterwards. More about the film another time.
This morning my Local Party's by-election team stuffed and labelled an unbelievable number of envelopes in less than four hours. We are determined to get at those hard-to-reach electors in blocks of flats. The late David Penhaligon would have been proud.
This is a shameless pitch for helpers of course.

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