Friday, 29 June 2007

Thoughts on the Haymarket car bomb

It was good to hear Ricky Gervais on BBC Radio 4 this morning say that he’d been an atheist since the age of 10. So have I actually. I worked out that what the “God Squad” said was unlikely to be true, and that was that. Anyone who wants a rational discussion about it is most welcome, but don’t use the “f” word, please. (I refer to “faith”.)
Just before that the news was reporting that last night the ideologues had been making another attempt to blast hundreds of us into oblivion. (Great isn’t it – I’d never been to the Tiger Tiger nightclub in Haymarket in my entire life until this week, and suddenly it’s all over the news as the place where the car bomb was left.)
As Ed Husain has shown in his book The Islamist, these ideologues are a load of know-nothings who forbid intellectual questioning and seek to impose by force an empire based on a medieval mentality. This regime will, according to the ideologues, be based on divine will, and they will be the only people entitled to interpret the divine will. Very handy for them, isn’t it.
If I recall rightly, I have heard of this sort of thing before - in English History lessons, where they called it the Divine Right of Kings, which got its come-uppance with the deposing of Charles I. My impression is that he was a bit of a twit.
Sorry if you think I should have been blogging about Gordo and his new cabinet. I can’t work up any interest. They just aren’t that important.

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