Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Greenery and smoked fish

I am at the Lib Dems' Federal Conference in Brighton where my hotel thoughtfully provides free broadband access. Having lugged a laptop here I was gratified. Yesterday after playing my small part in successfully seeing off an attempt to reverse our admirable anti-nuclear power policy (hurray!) I celebrated by returning to a favourite haunt, where a delicious, great value and arguably the healthiest, lunchtime bite is to be found: chez Jack & Linda's smoked fish emporium at 197 King's Road Arches. Go ye there in droves! Jack is clearly a great guy. For one thing he serves very nice fish, for another he likes my dog, and for a third, he likes things that grow, as I spotted him watering some plants with recycled grey water. This led to a conversation in which he pointed out a tree stump close by that is all that is left of a palm tree that got vandalised by some moron. Speaking for myself, I would be prepared to make an exception to human rights in the case of individuals who vandalise trees, even after making every allowance for the fact that such persons are deeply sick and sad.


Peter Black said...

Which hotel was that? I paid a fortune for broadband access.

Jo Hayes said...

'Twas the Grand. Other plus points were great breakfasts and short commuting distances to key locations such as the bar. I took over the room of a colleague from my local party who unfortunately couldn't come to Conference due to ill health.

Peter Black said...

Well I was in the Metropole. I should have gone to the Grand! :-(