Thursday, 25 October 2007

Not a herd animal

I have every sympathy with Cllr Peter Tyzack whose letter to last week's Lib Dem News pleaded: "This time can we not have a procession of party grandees telling us who we should be supporting". But some grandees are falling over themselves to do just that, as if trying to start a stampede. Judging from their track record in late 2005-early 2006, they do not have the monopoly on wisdom on this subject. The febrile atmosphere of the Palace of Westminster doesn't help. And who knows what deals have been done to secure their support? No, I am not a herd animal, and I find this procession irritating rather than anything else. I have been trained to base decisions on evidence, and that is what I will do - in due course.


Joe Otten said...

Are they really? Or are they just declaring who they support?

I certainly hope that endorsements and related grumblings don't figure in the debate.

Jo Hayes said...

And why are they "just" declaring who they support? It would have been less trouble to "just" give support privately.

Joe Otten said...

I think, because we are all political animals, it is our habit, when we smell an election, to start campaigning.