Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Hang in there, Hilary Clinton

I welcome Hilary Clinton's decisive win in Pennsylvania because I think the world has suffered enough from a Republican-run White House, and I think Clinton can beat the Republican, but I don't think Obama can. Obama has the funding advantage and the backing of Democrat establishment big names, but for several reasons I don't believe enough Americans will vote for Obama when it comes to the crunch. This is supported by the fact that in the decisive big states Clinton has beaten Obama as traditional Democrat voters have turned out in her support. They know that if they elect Mrs Clinton it's the nearest they can get to having Bill back in the White House, whose astonishing approval ratings when President testify of his political genius. So I hope Hilary Clinton will hang in there and ignore those who tell her to quit the race.


Tristan said...

Given Hilary is opposed to many of her husband's policies and even worse is a neo-conservative in all but name (egging on her husband to illegally bomb that Sudanese factory for starters, plus her recent pronouncements on Iran).

The last I heard Clinton also had higher negatives than Obama and he was out polling her when pitted against McCain.

Then again, with Ann Coulter supporting Clinton against McCain perhaps she would pull in enough of the troglodyte right.

Edis said...

er ... I though it was Senator Clinton who had the backing of the Democratic Party Establishment. Or at least started the campaign with that backing. Her chaotic management of her own campaign seems to be leading to a number of insider second thoughts.

Jo Hayes said...

The Obama camp has loved to portray him as the anti-establishment candidate but actually he has courted and obtained the patronage of Ted Kennedy, other members of the Kennedy clan, John Kerry and other key members of the Democratic elite, without whom he would not have got where he is. I suspect not everyone in the Democratic elite was thrilled when the young unknown, Bill Clinton, emerged years ago to beat more establishment figures for the presidential nomination.