Monday, 23 April 2007

Labour gets desperate in City of Westminster

Labour fights dirty (so what's new?) - the smoking gun this time is a leaflet in Abbey Road Ward by-election. I've seen the evidence! It falsely claims that London Assembly Lib Dems want to abolish the Freedom Pass. Does this mean that Labour fears meltdown in Abbey Road on 3rd May? Mm, what a delicious thought. Labour can't win in Abbey Road and doesn't deserve to, especially when it stoops to "dodgy dossier" tactics like these.
It is so obvious that in the long run Labour will never get control of the City of Westminster. They practically bust a gut trying to win in 1986 - I was there in Victoria Ward, I witnessed it - and yet they still couldn't win, though they scared Shirley Porter enough to come up with her gerrymandering plan. (Now that was a humdinger of a dirty trick! It is a curious fact that the Tories have never suffered for it at the ballot box as they deserved.) Yes, dirty tricks go back a long way here.
If one glorious day the Tories lose control of Westminster City Hall, it won't be to Labour. In the long run, as in Richmond, the opposition will be Lib Dem - the sooner the better, in my opinion. The first thing I would do would be to sell the gas-guzzling Rolls Royce that the Mayor swooshes about in. Such a bad example to the hoi polloi! I travel by bus and feet mostly, myself.
Talking of feet, I was out and about yesterday in Marylebone High Street ward, delivering leaflets in our other by-election. Whilst there, I dropped in on my former flatmate in Dorset Street and quaffed a glass of wine or two before ambling home in the twilight.

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jonthanfryer said...

I know that Westminster LibDems will quickly get out a leaflet to refute Labour's lies. But this is a timely reminder that we need to point out to the electorate that the Labour Party today, locally and nationally, is devious, dishonest and morally bankrupt,.