Wednesday, 25 April 2007

Never mind the snapshot, it's a video

Only a few days of campaigning to go in our two by-elections here in the City of Westminster. Three things to remember about campaigning. First, enjoy it. Second, enjoy it. And third - you guessed! From that flow good things: the team works well together, we keep going, and new helpers come forward. They can see we are effective and doing stuff that's worthwhile.
Out delivering in Marylebone again yesterday, how could I not enjoy it? Finding a quiet garden off Paddington Street. Meeting the kind people in the Blandford Cafe who gave my dog a treat. Seeing voters reading with genuine interest the leaflets I've just delivered. Knowing that democracy is always ready to flourish again given a little TLC, even in unpromising places, like the little streets that have been turned into oases overflowing with plants in containers.
Whatever the results on 3rd May,it's the starting point for future campaigns and future victories. Never mind the snapshot - it's the video that counts.

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